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How to safely package and ship your device
Our shipping address:
The Resistance
144 E. King St. #610
Hillsborough, NC 27278-0610

Step 1: Measure the dimensions

First, use a tape measure or ruler to roughly measure each dimension of the device: length, width, and height.

Step 2: Find a box

Purchase or re-use a box in good condition that is at least 1 inch longer, wider, and taller than the device. This will ensure that there is enough room for packaging material to protect your device.
We recommend seeing if your device will fit in a flat-rate box from USPS or FedEx. These are often very cost-effective methods of shipping as they aren’t charged by the weight of the item. Additionally, the boxes are free from the carrier. They can be picked up at your local Post Office or Fedex Office.
If you’re having problems finding a box of the right size, visit a packing / shipping store. Office supply stores also carry boxes of various sizes.
Alternatively, you can ask us to ship you a box and packing material! Reply to our email, SMS, or login to the customer portal and send us a message. We will need the dimensions and weight of the device, and we do charge a small fee for the material and the actual shipping charge for the box.

Step 3: Pack the device

First, lay down a layer of packing material in the bottom of the box. We recommend styrofoam popcorn, bubble wrap, or bags of air. You can use balled up newspaper, but this is not recommended for fragile or heavy items.
If the device has sharp or pointed corners, reinforce the packing material around each corner using styrofoam and tape. This will ensure the corners will not puncture the box or receive damage during shipping.
Then, place the device on top of that packing material. If you’re using bubble wrap, you can go ahead and wrap the device in at least one layer on all sides of bubble wrap before placing it in the box. Always have the bubbles facing inwards toward the device.
Position the device so it is roughly in the center of the box.
Then, fill in any open space in the box with packing material. Try to make sure every bit of space is taken up so that when you close the lid, it is completely full. The goal is to prevent your item from moving or shifting around once packed. It’s okay to lightly compress the packing material to get the box flaps to close.
Finally, use packing tape to securely close the top of the box. Make sure it is well-taped on the top and bottom.

Step 4: Weigh and ship the package

If you’d like to buy and print a shipping label at home, you will need to weigh the package unless you’re using a flat-rate box. For devices under 10 lbs, we recommend using a small kitchen scale. For anything heavier, you can weigh yourself on a bathroom scale, and then weigh yourself again while holding the package. The difference between the two measurements is the weight of the package.
If you do not have access to a scale, simply go to your local post office or pack/ship store. They will be able to weigh the package and provide you with a shipping label.
We recommend adding insurance to cover any damage while in transit. If you follow these guidelines, the chance of damage will be minimized.
We don’t favor any particular carrier, but both Fedex and USPS provide free flat-rate boxes that can be cost-effective for heavier items if they fit in one of the boxes.

Our shipping address is:

The Resistance
144 E. King St. #610
Hillsborough, NC 27278-0610

Step 5: (optional) Let us know it's on the way!

You don’t have to, but you can let us know the package is on the way so we have a heads up to look out for it. You can reply to your tick confirmation email, send us an SMS, or simply login to the customer portal and add a comment to your ticket. If you have a tracking number, send that over as well. We receive daily shipments and if we know when to expect something, we can proactively let you know if there is a problem. We’ll always let you know when we receive it.


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