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We can repair almost anything electronic.

We also offer free estimates for all repair work.

What problems can we fix?

  • Device not turning on
  • Liquid spills
  • Battery not charging
  • Blank screen or display
  • Broken connectors or ports
  • Audio issues
  • Previous repair attempts
  • …and everything in-between

Not sure if we can fix it? Just ask us and we’ll let you know!

We are DIY- and maker-friendly. We’ve all been there when a repair attempt goes south, or you get in a little over your head on a project. We’ll gladly lend a hand getting you back on track.

What devices do we repair?

  • Laptops, tablets
  • Desktop PCs, gaming PCs (including individual components like GPUs and motherboards)
  • Game consoles
  • Audio equipment including amplifiers, receivers, turntables, and more
  • LCDs, TVs
  • Peripherals like printers and scanners
  • Automotive electronics
  • Small household appliances

Our expertise is not limited to the above. We can work on just about anything. Just shoot us a message if you’re not sure.

What brands do we service?

We service any brand, period.

We are an independent repair shop that prides itself on wide product knowledge and experience. Unlike many other repair shops, we aren’t limited to just repairing Apple products and we aren’t beholden to any manufacturers.

What do you charge?

Simple and straightforward pricing.

Our repair labor rate is $85/hour. We only charge for actual repair time. You won’t be paying confusing flat fees for different devices or services. If it only takes us 20 minutes to fix your device, that’s all you pay, period.

We offer free diagnostics and estimates. After receiving your device, we will evaluate the issue and provide an estimate for how much it will cost to repair it. For more information on this process, visit the How It Works section.

Curious about our repair process?

Ready to get your device fixed?

Need something soldered?

We offer soldering services to both individuals and businesses (B2B).

Our capabilities

  • Through-hole component soldering
  • SMD soldering
  • Microsoldering
  • Hot air rework
  • Wire and connector work
  • Solder pad / land and PCB trace repair*

We are DIY- and maker-friendly. If you’re working on a project and just need something soldered without having to buy an entire soldering station, let us know and we’ll gladly lend a hand.

* Depending on the extent of damage, repair rates may apply.

What do you charge?

Our labor rate for soldering is $75/hour charged in 20 minute increments.

Curious about our repair process?

Ready to get your solder on?

3D printing services coming soon!

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