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Laptop Repair in Durham.

We offer a full range of laptop and

PC repair

We repair any brand of laptop and can repair almost any issue. Here are a few reasons why we stand out:
  • Free diagnostics and estimates for all issues.
  • Free pickup and delivery in the Durham, NC area.
  • Not local? No problem. We offer a convenient mail-in service with fast turnaround.
Look below for the common issues we repair.
Don’t see your problem listed? Just let us know what you have and we’ll be glad to take a look.

Issues we repair

Power jack repair

The power jack, also called a

DC jack

, is susceptible to being damaged from falls or from trying to force a plug into the jack. A broken jack will prevent your laptop from charging. Sometimes when this damage occurs, the PCB is damaged as well which requires precision and skill to repair. We have many popular DC jacks in stock, so we offer a fast turnaround service for most

DC jack repair


Liquid spill

Spilling a drink on a laptop can ruin your day. If you do spill something on your laptop, your first step should be to turn off the laptop and remove the battery as soon as possible. This will help ensure no further damage from occurring. It's good practice to let the laptop air dry for several days before attempting to turn it on again. The best way to ensure no further damage occurs is to have a professional evaluate the laptop. We offer free diagnostic service, so we can determine if the laptop sustained any damage from the spill. If it did, we offer

board level

repair services which means we can replace individual components on a motherboard without needing to replace the entire motherboard.

Screen replacement

LCD screens in laptops are easily damaged by impacts or falls. If the screen is shattered or otherwise has any cracks, it has to be replaced. LCDs can also fail outside of any obvious physical damage. If the LCD is showing lines, whether vertical or horizontal, this could indicate a failure of the LCD or the components that are responsible for providing the image for the LCD to display. If you see a faint image on the LCD like the brightness is turned down completely, this is indicative of a


failure. We can address any of these issues, so contact us today if you're interested in scheduling an

LCD screen repair


Won't turn on

If your

laptop won't turn on

, there can be a variety of reasons why. Everything from the power adapter, to the DC jack, battery, or even a motherboard fault could be responsible for

no power

. Instead of throwing money away by replacing parts without knowing what's damaged, schedule a free diagnostic with us today and we'll help get your laptop running again.
...And more!
We repair all brands, and offer

ASUS laptop repair


HP laptop repair

, or any other brand (including

Apple laptop repair

!). Our expertise is not limited to the issues shown above, and we even work on vintage systems that you want to restore or get old data off of. Give us a call today!

Curious about our repair process?

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