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Game console repair in Durham.

Whether vintage or next-gen, we can handle your repair and modification needs.

Gaming in the Bull City just got a whole lot easier:
  • Free diagnostics and estimates for all issues.
  • Free local pickup and delivery in Durham, NC and surrounding areas.
  • Not local? No problem. We offer a convenient mail-in service with fast turnaround.
Look below for the common issues we repair.
Don’t see your console listed? Just let us know what you have and we’ll be glad to take a look.

XBOX repair in Durham

Whether you have an original


or a new

XBOX Series X

, we can handle almost any problem your console is experiencing. If you need

XBOX repair near me

, then don't hesitate to call The Resistance and get back to gaming. We offer services like

HDMI port repair

and can repair the

Black Screen of Death

. We all know the summers in the Bull City can get sweltering, so if your

XBOX is overheating

, then we can help get the temps under control. Sometimes you may have a more serious issue like

XBOX won't turn on

, but our free diagnostic service means you can find out if a repair is worth it, or if it's time to move on.
XBOX Repair
PS4 Repair And PS5 Repair

Playstation repair in Durham

We offer both

PS5 repair


PS4 repair

, and we can handle most issues you're likely to come across. If you live in the Bull City, you're in luck, because that means there is

Playstation repair near me

. Need a

Playstation HDMI port replacement

, we've got you covered. Our experience means we know how to expertly repair a console, and our goal is always for your console to leave in better condition than it arrived in. So if you're getting

no power


no signal

problems, contact us today to schedule a repair. Don't let the summer heat slow you down, either. Sometimes you will see a

PS4 is too hot


PS5 is too hot

error on the hottest days, and our technicians can help maintain the cooling system of your console.

Nintendo Switch repair in Durham

Nintendo Switch repair

is a popular service we offer that covers the gamut of issues you're likely to encounter. Our experts can diagnose any problem from

Nintendo Switch display issues


joycon connector replacement

. The Resistance is an independent repair shop, so there is no corporate control forcing us to cut corners on our repairs. That means if you're looking for

Nintendo Switch repair near me

, then you've come to the right place.
Nintendo Switch Repair

Curious about our repair process?

Ready to get your device fixed?

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