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Electronics repair in Durham.

Offering the best repair services to the Bull City and beyond.

We offer our full suite of services to Durham, NC, and you can take advantage of our free pickup and delivery service.
  • Free diagnostics and estimates for all issues.
  • Any brand, any device. We can tackle any problem you throw our way!
  • Not local? No problem. We offer a convenient mail-in service with fast turnaround.
Look below for the common devices we repair.
Don’t see your device listed? Just let us know what you have and we’ll be glad to take a look.

Game Console Repair

From vintage to next-gen, we offer the best game console repair in Durham, NC.

Laptop Repair

Spilled a drink on your laptop? Contact The Resistance for the ultimate in laptop repair in Durham, NC.

Receiver Repair

Our receiver repair in Durham, NC covers everything from 1970s vintage all the way to today’s AVRs.

Car Radio Repair

Don’t want to spend thousands on a new car radio from the dealer? Check out our car radio repair in Durham, NC.

PC Repair

No job is too small. We offer excellent PC repair in Durham, NC that will meet your needs.


We are experts in all types of soldering! Contact us for soldering in Durham, NC or microsoldering in Durham, NC.

Curious about our repair process?

Ready to get your device fixed?

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