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Carver C-1 Preamp Capacitor Replacement

A customer recently sent in a Carver C-1 preamp for control cleaning and capacitor checks. When working on vintage audio equipment, or really any older electronics, capacitors are a common failure point. Over time, electrolytic capacitors will eventually degrade and fail in different ways due to their construction and environmental conditions. This can lead to compromised performance or even complete failure of the device to operate. In some cases, we will recommend a complete capacitor replacement which can revitalize an older device.

Carver C-1 repair

For even additional peace of mind, we also offer an optional capacitor health report with extensive test info from both the original and the new capacitors. This provides a service record that can help with future repairs and documentation for a future buyer in case of resale.

In this video, we didn’t add any narration– instead letting some of our repair device noises do the talking along with soothing background music from our friends illformed and SoundCarousel. Check it out and let us know what you think of this style:

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