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How to schedule a repair.

We make it simple from scheduling to payment.

Schedule a service

Click on Schedule Now to fill out the form to schedule a service, or call us at (919) 918-0131. If you’re local to our service area, select Local Pickup to take advantage of our free pickup and delivery.
Not local? No problem! Simply select “Mail-in” and you’ll be able to ship your device to us from anywhere in the US.

Confirmation and shipping

Your request will be evaluated and confirmed by a technician. Once confirmed, you will receive an email or SMS with instructions.
For local pickup service, we will schedule an appointment at your selected date and time.
For mail-in repairs, package your device according to our guidelines and ship it with the carrier of your choice. We will send you an update once the package arrives at our shop.

Check your ticket status

After your device has been evaluated by a technician, you will receive an estimate of the required labor and parts, as well as any follow-up questions we may have. Once the estimate is approved, we will begin working on your device and will keep you updated on our progress.

Pay your invoice

Once the repair is complete, we will send you an invoice which can be paid through our secure customer portal or over the phone. After we receive your payment, we will schedule your delivery appointment or ship your device back.
For mail-in service, if you decline to go forward with the repair, your invoice will only contain the return shipping charges. Once that is paid, we will ship the device back. You can also opt to have us recycle your device instead.

Our repair process.

We ensure your device is repaired safely and professionally.


After receiving your item, it will be evaluated and carefully inspected for physical damage. It is then placed in our queue to await a technician to begin the repair process.


After reading your service request, a technician will attempt to reproduce the issue that is occurring with the device if it is safe to do so. Next, they will determine what is causing the issue, and what steps need to be taken to repair it. After this is completed, we will issue an estimate that you can approve or decline.


If the estimate is approved, the technician will then begin repairing your device. We use microscopes, precision soldering equipment, and industry-standardized techniques to perform the work. If any parts are required, we source high-quality components from reputable manufacturers. Once work is complete, the device will be tested to ensure it is operating normally and that the original issue is resolved.

Clean-up and final inspection

Any solder flux or debris left over from the repair process is cleaned, and we sanitize your device to ensure it is safe for return. Our goal is for your device to look and work better than it did when it arrived at our shop. For mail-in repairs, we will then carefully package your device for return shipping.

Frequently asked questions.

How long do repairs take?
Our current backlog time is posted on the Schedule Now page. This is our best guess at how long it will take before we begin working on your repair. The repair time itself is dependent on the complexity of the work and parts availability.
I was told by another shop that my device is unrepairable, can it still be fixed?
Possibly! Many shops do not perform “board level” repair which is where individual electronic components on a board are tested and replaced. Many problems are due to very small, inexpensive components that can fail. Believe it or not, a single $0.15 component can prevent an entire motherboard from working! Board level repair is what The Resistance specializes in, and it can often save you hundreds of dollars versus replacing an entire board or device.
How much do repairs cost?
We provide free estimates for all services which is no-risk and no-commitment. Because of the wide range of devices we work on, we can’t offer a flat rate for every service that we can provide.
I received an estimate, but decided I don't want to go forward with the repair. Now what?
No problem! Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to repair something, and we completely understand that. If you are local and use our free pickup and delivery service, we will return your device for free. If you’ve shipped your device to us, we simply ask you to pay the return shipping charge via the method of your choice. We do not charge handling fees. Alternatively, we can recycle your device for free.
What if you cannot fix my device?
Occasionally some repairs may be complex or extensive enough where a fix is not guaranteed or a repair attempt might risk other damage. In these cases, we will discuss the issue with you, decide whether it is worth proceeding, and agree on a modest repair attempt fee should the repair fail.
Do I need to send you my power adapter, power cord, etc...?
Unless we request it, please do not send any power adapters, cords, cables, or anything other than the device itself!
Do you work on smartphones?
We do work on smartphones on a case-by-case basis. However, we do not do screen replacements unless it is part of another repair issue. We do not work on the Apple iPhone X or above. If you’d like to send in a smartphone for repair, contact us first before scheduling a repair.
Do you offer a warranty for repairs?
We proudly stand by our work and we warranty our repairs for 6 months after the initial repair. This means that if your device fails again due to our repair, we will happily fix it again free of charge.
What methods of payment do you accept?
Our secure customer portal uses Stripe to process payments, and we accept all major credit cards including VISA, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, as well as PayPal. We do accept cash for local customers. Once you’ve received your final invoice, simply click the payment links provided in the invoice email or SMS. You can also give us a call at (919) 918-0131 to pay your invoice over the phone.
How much is return shipping?
For items under 5 lbs, return shipping via USPS Priority Mail is free. If you need faster shipping, or if your item is over 5 lbs or especially large, we add an additional shipping charge on your estimate.
I don't have a box to ship my item, what do I do?
If you’re unable to package your device, we can provide a shipping box and materials for you. The cost for this service depends on the dimensions and weight of the item being shipped. Simply click “Send me a shipping box and materials” when scheduling a repair and we will get back to you with the cost.
Can I send you a board out of my device for you to repair?
In many cases, yes! We accept individual components from almost all desktop/gaming PCs. This isn’t feasible for laptops and tablets, however. For other devices, send us a message to check before sending it in.
I don't need a repair, but need something else like a modification or upgrade. Can you do that?
Absolutely! As long as you provide sufficient information and parts, we can generally do whatever you need. Modifications are typically not covered by our warranty. Simply book a service as normal, and describe what you need done in the issue details. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
Do you work on software issues?
Sometimes. We specialize in hardware, but we can address many software issues as well. Contact us with a description of what you’d like us to do.

Ready to get your device fixed?

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