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The Resistance is an independent electronics repair shop.

We strive to provide professional, cost-effective, and timely service.

What is "The Resistance?"

The Resistance is an independent electronics repair shop. It was founded with the mission of providing professional, courteous, timely, and cost-effective service to individuals and businesses alike. We pride ourselves on honest and friendly relationships with our customers, and seek to provide an inclusive and accepting environment for all regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, ability, age, or sexual orientation.

We strive to continually refine and improve our repair methods and customer service, and we are always open to feedback and criticism.

Why "The Resistance?"

We should be able to repair the things we own, and we should own the things we buy. There has been a decades-long industry trend that has shifted to a model of ownership where you don’t really “own” your device, and if anything goes wrong with it, your options for repair are severely limited. We’re pushing back against that by offering easily accessible repair services for a wide range of devices.

Where are you located?
We are proudly located in the town of Hillsborough, NC, USA.
Why should I trust you to fix my device?
Our experience with electronics goes back decades, and we’ve repaired everything from vintage radios to brand new laptops. More importantly though, we are enthusiasts and advocates of repair. We think everyone should have access to both repair services and the tools and knowledge to do repairs themselves. We know our reputation, and the success of independent electronics repair as a whole, depends on delivering trustworthy service and being there for our customers. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re satisfied and happy with our service.

Meet The Resistance.

Ben Grubbs


Ben has been hooked on repair ever since he built his first computer in the 90s. He started The Resistance in 2021.

…and our mascots!


Shop kitty

Charlie is our handsome shop cat. You’ll mainly see him keeping an eye on all the activity in the shop from high above. He is very helpful in testing all of the keyboards, even if they don’t need it.


Shop dog

Zoey is our spunky shop dog. You can catch her helping out with retrieving the mail, but most of the time she is keeping tabs on Charlie and making sure the floors stay really clean.

The Right to Repair.

We believe you own the things you buy and have the right to repair them.

We are proud supporters of The Repair Association. They advocate for the right to repair across many different industries. Click the image above for more information on their mission and the right to repair.
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